Alexandra brendlova. First Vaginal Beer: Bottled Instinct | Indiegogo

Alexandra brendlova. The World’s First Vagina Beer Has Arrived

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Alexandra Brendlova – Sick Chirpse

They use hi-tech microbiology to isolate, examine and prepare lactic acid bacteria, which is examined for purity and safety, from the vagina of model Alexandra Brendlova. They then add it to water, malt Pilsner, Munich, caramel, roasted , hops Czech Kazbek, America cascade , wooden chips and yeast to result in a sour ale. The bacteria is taken from the vagina using a gynecological stick. Then the stick goes to the laboratory, where the bacteria are isolated and cleaned, identified and then, multiplied to the quantity that enables preparation of culture starter kit that is used in brewery. The bottled beverage is said to contain femininity, sensuality, charm, passion and sexuality by using the vaginal lactobacillus bacteria in their brewing process. This technology enables them to convert the loveliness, gracefulness and character of real model Alexandra Brendlova into a beer, giving you a taste of a real goddess. The taste of beer is slightly sour and can be compared to the taste of champagne.