Alison and wonderland characters. Alice In Wonderland Costumes for Kids and Adults

Alison and wonderland characters. Alice in Wonderland characters

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Incorporated into theme park rides, a myriad of films, and even distinctively loved in many forms of pop culture, such as edgy merchandise and the inspiration behind the mainstream music, it makes sense that the adaptation of the plot is so well-liked. Here are the top 10 Alice in Wonderland characters from the Tim Burton-directed, film. In the Tim Burton version, the executioner is actually portrayed as an assassin of sorts, working for the Red Queen as opposed to the King and Queen of Hearts. He was tasked with decapitating the Mad Hatter. However, before he was to execute him he asked the Hatter to remove his namesake hat. When people think of Alice in Wonderland, outside of Alice Obviously , they mainly think of one character, the White Rabbit.