Do dolphins have sex for fun. FACT CHECK: Buried Pleasure

Do dolphins have sex for fun. How do people know dolphins have sex fun?

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Dolphins could be having orgasms and indulging in a roll in the waves purely for enjoyment, new international research suggests. Scientists in the US have for the first time examined the dolphin clitoris in close detail and discovered it is remarkably similar to the organ in humans. Analysis of the structure of the dolphin clitoris suggests the marine mammals could experience sexual pleasure and potentially climax. Orbach and her colleague Dr Patricia Brennan, assistant professor of biology, discovered that the clitoris in female bottlenose dolphins is large and well developed. The structure of the tissue suggests it may expand — for example, in response to stimulation — and bundles of nerves under the clitoral hood may increase sensitivity and the potential for pleasure, as has been found in the human clitoris. Like humans, primates and rats, they are known to copulate all year round, even during times when they cannot conceive.