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Kaiserreich flagge. Liste der Flaggen des Deutschen Kaiserreichs

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Deutsche Kolonialgeschichte - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Because of the by the creation of the empire reached centralization of special offices, institutions or protruding positions, and not last by the purchase of colonies, got adoped numerous official flags. However maintained six northern federal states their own naval official flags. Due to the revolution in the November the monarchy got overthrowed. On the 9th of November in the emperor resigns, and abandons his throne irrevocably on 28th of November in On 19th of January in were elections to the constitutional national assembly, which passes on 6th of February in an emergency constitution, and on the 11th of August in the ultimate republican and federal constitution. In the single federal countries with their respective monarchies parallelly performes an equal process, which even here ends in republican and federal constitutions. The republican redesign or even abolition of the flags of the German Empire was a gradual process, and prolongs until