Kyra a song of ice and fire. Game_of_Thrones

Kyra a song of ice and fire.

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Note: This story will have detailed descriptions of violence, cursing, and sexual situations, so please, if you are not in a mature age group, do not read. Edit: The northern and riverland host used to have 50, men and women but I'm changing it to 20, :D New chapter will be uploaded tomorrow. The Reach was known for its beauty and fertility, but the eight-and-ten year old Kyra Stark never thought it would be as stunning as people said it was. Rolling green hills and vast fields filled with flowers of every color Kyra's grey eyes had ever seen. Red, purple, orange, yellow, white, even black flowers could be seen everywhere the northern host went. The many banners of the northern and riverland houses were dull and plain compared to the fields of the Reach.