Lamictal rash images. Lamictal Rash - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Lamictal rash images. Lamictal Rash Pictures

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Images in Lamotrigine rash—a potentially life-threatening complication

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In their cases, LTG was continued with success without intermission. The concurrent use of valproate was not found in this study to represent an additional risk factor for the occurrence of the rash during rechallenge with LTG. Of all the adverse events associated with lamotrigine LTG , without a doubt, rash has been the one to cause the greatest concern. Indeed, before its release in the United States in , LTG trials were complicated with severe rashes, presenting as Stevens—Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, or severe hypersensitivity syndrome involving multiorgan dysfunction. The serious rashes led to the inclusion of a black-box warning in the prescribing information. The incidence of rashes associated with LTG was initially estimated at approximately 0.