Life lessons in tennis. Linda Hayes Tennis Academy

Life lessons in tennis. Life Lessons in Tennis

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5 Life Lessons to Learn From Tennis - #besomebody | Advice.

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Take care of yourself, eat nourishing food, get regular exercise and make sure that you sleep! Number one seed and two-time Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray still has to play well to win the next game and the next. As important as your credibility and reputation are, remember that every day is a new day and you need to be your best self in each new project and interaction in order to maintain that reputation and continue your success. In tennis, as much as skill, talent, and disciplined practice contribute to your success, it often comes down to your mental strength. Sustaining your concentration through a five-set match, having the willpower to keep trying, and maintaining your calm even under massive pressure — this is what it takes to become a champion. My tennis coach said this the other day and I love it!