New army uniform 2014. New Army Uniforms: Transition to Be Completed in |

New army uniform 2014. Soldiers to get new camo beginning next summer

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Changes to your combat uniform

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Say goodbye to a lot of that Velcro on the Army Combat Uniform. The service is making six changes to the uniform that include stripping Velcro from the sleeve pocket, elbow patches, knee patches and lower leg pocket flap. The service is also considering five additional fixes — all because soldiers asked for it, according to Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, the service's top enlisted official. All of their suggestions have been feasible, affordable and reasonable. The structural changes to the Army Combat Uniform will appear in the summer of , along with a change in the camouflage pattern. Chandler cautioned that, despite all the changes, the ACU is not going away. The uniform is as it is, but we're going to make these design changes.