The best travel websites 2015. 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites - Fathom

The best travel websites 2015. 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2015

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Best Travel Websites (for hotels, airfare, and everything else) | Digital Trends

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Where once travelers looked to the web simply for last-minute airfares or cut-rate hotel rooms, today the online possibilities are dizzying: you can access your itinerary on pretty much any device, from your laptop and BlackBerry to your iPad and television; immediately tap into the local scene via location-based technology; or instantly share images and videos with of your closest friends on social-networking sites. The major booking engines— Expedia , Orbitz , and Travelocity —all debuted smart new services in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition in You can get travel perks with Founderscard. A new crop of websites and mobile-based services offers coupons and daily deals at restaurants, bars, and spas in cities across the country. Ever ahead of the digital curve, Google continues to offer great ways to help you travel. Google Translate can decode a menu, phrase, or travel site within seconds, and the new Google Voice gives you a free voice-over-Internet phone number that can receive forwarded calls. You can even make international calls from your smartphone at rock-bottom rates.