Underwater pyramid japan. Yonaguni Monument, Japan - Ancient Underwater "Pyramid"

Underwater pyramid japan. Yonaguni Monument, Japan – Ancient Underwater “Pyramid”

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The Yonaguni Monument - an underwater mystery.

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We are determined to look for the remnants of old civilizations on land, yet some of them lurk hidden beneath the surface of oceans, seas, and as one example from China vividly illustrates…submerged in a man-made lake. Some of them are certain to evoke a feeling something nightmarish was happening as they sank. Debates are ongoing whether the strange Yonaguni Monument, also called the Yonaguni Island Submarine Ruins, is the work of nature or an ancient human-constructed wonder. The submerged structures scattered on the seafloor are located off the Japanese coast, not too far from Taiwan. The site was first identified in thanks to divers searching the area for hammerhead sharks.