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Warp jump 40k. Warp Weapons

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How Warp travel works. image - Warhammer 40K Fan Group - Mod DB

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It works a bit like that. Or Hell, if wicked and righteous people could end up there and you don't even have to die first. This caused the Warp Gates to destabilize and explode into massive portals into the Warp, flooding the world with magic and causing massive invasions of Daemons to surge forth into the material plane. To combat the Daemon threat, the Asur established Waystones all over the world to suck the excess magic back into the Warp. As a result, the power of the Warp waxes and wanes; when the Warp swells with energy, the Chaos Gods within battle for control and the material plane is safe er from their influence. As the Warp empties, the world is invaded by hordes of Daemons from all corners. What happens in the mortal plane strengthens the Chaos gods.